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No. 10-128

Locking Mini-Stretcher with Case

Also used for seam repair and stretching from tackless strip

A unique tool used for aligning pattern deviations when installing glue down carpets. The key is the innovative Ratchet Lock System, which will lock the pin plates in position each 1/4" of travel. This means that during seam repairs or when 'stretching in' carpets, the stretcher will remain in a locked position, allowing both hands free for repairing the seam or tucking the carpet. The Ratched Lock can be easily turned off by rotating the control knob. In the 'off' position, the stretcher operates freely.

The swivel design allows directional stretching for correction of bow, skew, pattern elongation and compression of gapped seams for alignment and repair. Each head has six nap grip inserts and a pin plate assembly with 24 adjustable pins for different pile heights. With the tail blade attached, you can stretch in close quarters, restretch, or stretch in rooms where it is impossible to brace a tail block against a wall. Because the swivel tail blade fits over the tackless strip, stretching can be done in any direction. Has a solid die cast aluminum body for years of dependable service. Comes complete with stretcher, power head unit, tail blade and plastic carrying case. Weighs 20 lbs.

Owners Manual