No. 1000JR

10" Tile Wet Saw

These professional 10" tile saws are designed to give the best possible cuts and productivity on tile and stone.

Saw features:

  • 20" Straight Cut & 14" Diagonal Cut
  • A large cutting table mounted on ball bearing rollers with an injection molded rubber top to reduce vibration and securely hold tile in place for accurate cuts
  • A rubber topped cutting table with slots molded on a 45° angle to act as diagonal cutting guides and also channel water back to the tray
  • The last 1” of the rubber top molded solid up to the tile backstop to eliminate end-of-cut corner breaking caused by insufficient tile support
  • A removable tile backstop that facilitates freehand cutting of oversize material
  • Cutting table that can be secured by a spring loaded lock to prevent loss during transport
  • A powerful 1-1/2 HP motor that has a patented cooling inlet that draws air away from the side opposite the cutting mist to give longest motor life
  • Thermal overload protection, and a water pump plug receptacle
  • Liquid Cooled Bearing Housing (LCBH), a patented design that directs blade cooling water through the bearing housing to prevent overheating of the blade shaft bearings
  • Fully guarded belt driven blade shaft that is adjustable for cutting height
  • Removable blade guard with cooling water directed to both sides of the blade through brushes that provide even distribution of water and reduce cutting mist and a molded rubber splash guard
  • Steel construction with zinc plated angle rails and a powder coated frame
  • C-UL Listed motor and water pump
  • One year warranty.
  • No. 1000-SW Saw Stand is available for this saw.

The No. 1000JR also features:

  • A 14-1/2" x 14-1/2" cutting table
  • Scale (tile backstop) marked with 1/4" graduations to 8" on the left side and 6" on the right side
  • Plastic water tray has a chained rubber drain plug and a two year warranty against breakage in normal use
  • Included items:Water pump, Wrench, Owner’s manual, No. 1000-35 45°/90° Flat Cutting Guide, No. 700-34 45°/60° Small Miter Guide and No. 10-CRS 10" Continuous Rim Standard Blade