No. 1027

10" Bridge Tile Wet Saw

10" Bridge Tile Saws with 1-1/2 HP Motors

This professional 10" bridge tile saw is designed to give the best possible cuts and productivity on large tile and stone. Bridge saws are preferred for plunge cutting as they offer easy one hand operation.

Saw features:

  • 27" Straight Cut & 19" Diagonal Cut
  • For plunge cuts, the spring loaded cutting head is easily lowered and raised with only one hand
  • For rip or diagonal cuts, the cutting head is vertically adjusted and fixed at the cutoff depth
  • For 45° miter cuts, the cutting head tilts and locks at 45°
  • Cooling water is directed to the blade through both an adjustable flood tip and the removable blade guard, providing full coolant even while the cutting head is tilted during miter cutting
  • The cutting head rides on ball bearings on a 1-1/4" high x 4-1/2" wide rigid aluminum rail for smooth head movement and increased cutting accuracy
  • For safe transport, the cutting head can be locked in position by a top mounted knob screw
  • Powerful 1-1/2 HP direct drive motor has a short receptacle cord for the water pump and also has thermal overload protection
  • The entire surface of the cutting table has an adhered rubber mat to help hold the tile in place and minimize vibration
  • The 8" wide x 10" deep table extension has an adhered rubber mat and can be mounted on either side of the saw for supporting large tiles
  • Each side of the cutting table has a full length V-shaped channel with slots to return water to the tray
  • A side splash guard mounts along the left edge of the cutting table to direct water back to the tray
  • The rear mounted water splash guard has a synthetic turf insert to catch water spray and drain back to the tray
  • The water pump is held by a bracket that also forms a sediment dam to maximize the amount of clean water delivered by the pump
  • The water tray has a drain plug and an overflow tube that allows a user supplied bucket as an optional water source
  • Powder coated and zinc plated steel construction
  • C-UL Listed motor and water pump
  • One year warranty
  • A 17-1/4" wide x 33" long cutting table plus a table extension
  • Scale (tile backstop) marked with 1/4" graduations to 8" on the left side and 9" on the right side
  • Front and rear mounted carrying handles
  • Included items: Attached legs with wing bolts (two rear legs have wheels), Water pump, Wrench, Owner’s manual, No. 884 Universal Tile Guide and No. 10-CRS 10" Continuous Rim Standard Blade
  • No. 1010-ST Saw Stand is available for this saw.


    Owner's Manual