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No. 190

Electric Heat Gun

Considered the hottest™ 15 Amp gun on the market

Has a variable temperature output range from 650°F–900°F. Simply adjust the air intake regulator for higher or lower heat. The housing, handle, trigger guard and stand are all made from rugged impact-resistant plastic. Weighs 3 lbs.

Has many quality construction features such as a built-in circuit breaker, which protects the tool and the user. Also has a unique suspended heating element design, which prolongs its life. The toggle control switch has hot-cold-off positions. The double-jacketed nozzle and shield help maintain cool exterior temperatures.

Supplied with a stand that can easily be adjusted to any horizontal or vertical angle, or removed if desired. Has a 5' 14/3 wire grounding type cord with a molded plug. U.L. Listed.