No. SLP-234

2" Wide Rigid Scraper Blade

This Rigid Scraper Blade is great for cutting carpet and sheet vinyl flooring into strips for easier removal. Used as a scraper, easily remove vinyl flooring, carpet backing adhesive or dried paint. Blade is especially good for scraping in tight spaces, steps or all the way into corners. With full control of the scraper blade, they are excellent for scraping up to edges or objects without causing any damage. The single beveled edge and flat design permit flush scraping. With its greater width and length, the No. SLP-234 Scraper Blade removes material much faster.

The StarlockPlus mount offers fast, secure, tool-less blade changes — in under 3 seconds — and 100% power transfer due to the stainless steel 3D tool mount. Blades are extremely rigid for precise cutting results. StarlockPlus Blades will fit the Fein MultiTalent, MultiMaster, SuperCut and some Bosch Tools.