25" Rubi Tile Cutter with Case

SPEED PLUS Series Tile Cutters have a combination scoring and breaking mechanism to make straight and diagonal cuts in tile up to 15 mm (5/8") thick. Since the breaking of the tile can be done anywhere along the score, this permits the cutting of sheet mounted mosaic tile. They have an aluminum base, 17 mm (11/16")—20 mm (13/16") for the ‘72’ and ‘92’ cutters—diameter dual chrome plated steel rail bars, a sliding gauge and two extension arms (8" plastic for the '62' and 12" aluminum for the '72' and '92' cutters) to help support larger tiles. Breaking force is 600 kg (1,323 lbs.). Scale and sliding gauge both have inch and metric graduations. Each cutter comes with a No. 01958 8 mm (5/16") Carbide Scoring Wheel, a plastic carrying case and illustrated operating instructions. All cutters have a two year warranty, and an additional year with registration.

The SPEED-PLUS-62 will make straight cuts on 24-1/2" tile and diagonal cuts on 17" tile. Cutter weighs 21 lbs.