No. 265

Carpet Tearout Stand-Up Cutter

The No. 265 Stand-Up Cutter not only saves time when cutting installed carpet or vinyl sheet flooring into strips for removal, but also eliminates literally miles of crawling. The tool uses an improved blade holder with magnets and a heavy duty utility blade in a slot on the replaceable, hardened steel point. The steel point penetrates the flooring material to allow the cut to begin at any position and lifts the flooring material from the subfloor to allow easy cutting and prevent premature blade dulling. For carpets that are glued tightly to the subfloor, a hook blade can be used (without the steel point) to give best results. The reinforced fiberglass handle is adjustable from 49-3/4" to 84" overall length and has a patented double locking collar. Lightweight, the tool weighs just over 2 lbs. Supplied with one heavy duty utility blade and instructions.