No. 295

Uni-Cutter Seam Cutting Tool

For cutting seams in carpet and resilient flooring

U.S. Patent No. 5,010,650

The Uni-Cutter overcomes problems that are inherent with scribing, knives and other cutting methods since it cuts flooring edges absolutely perpendicular. The secret of the Uni-Cutter is that the body and pressure plate are vertically adjustable so the cutter always makes a square cut, whether using a straight edge, or not. The replaceable nylon wear surfaces glide easily on a straight edge when double cutting, or on the flooring (without marking) when trace cutting. The Uni-Cutter blade can be extended up to 5/8" to allow cutting of almost all flooring materials. The wide handle reduces hand fatigue and is symmetrical to permit right or left handed use. The major metal parts of the Uni-Cutter are zinc die cast construction. The tool is supplied for cutting carpet with a straight edge, or cutting resilient flooring, including a 1/2" wide spacer plate for use in selvage or feature strip cutting and two ‘295’ series 3-hole razor blades. With optionally available pile dividers and blade stiffeners, the Uni-Cutter is excellent for row and trace cutting of carpet. Detailed usage instructions are included.