No. 361500CC

15" Scrape-Away Rotary Scraper

Scrape-Away® Rotary Scraper for use with 17" Rotary Machines

The most productive, economical and environmentally safe method for removing any dry residue which has not penetrated the concrete floor surface. The Scrape-Away works well for removing cutback and multipurpose adhesive, paint, mortar, grease, coatings or sealers. Six high density carbide blades are spring mounted to an aluminum casting and literally scrape unwanted residue off the floor without the use of harmful chemicals. Scrape-Away starts dry and ends dry so there are no fumes, toxic waste disposal problems or long waiting times for the floor to dry. Each blade has eight numbered scraping edges to ensure even wear. For use only with 175 RPM rotary machines with a 1 HP or greater rating. A No. 364101B Universal Metal Clutch Plate is included with each Scrape-Away. Scrape-Away can be converted to a Grind-Away by installing a set of No. 363528 Grinding Blocks.

Order Scrape-Away two inches smaller than machine size.

WARNING: Do not use brushes, pads or tools with flammable materials as serious bodily injury could result.

CAUTION: Scrape-Away, Grind-Away, Sand-Away and the rotary pad drivers (shown on Page 27) are for use only with 175 rpm rotary machines with a 1 hp or greater rating. The use of a clutch plate is required for secure attachment to the machine. Each Scrape-Away, Grind-Away and Sand-Away comes with a No. 364101B Universal Metal Clutch Plate, while each rotary pad driver comes with a No. 364192P Universal Plastic Clutch Plate. Both clutch plates fit the majority of the rotary machines in the flooring industry. Depending on the rotary machine model, the purchase of a different clutch plate may be required. Visit our website for other available clutch plates.