No. 361500SA

15" Sand-Away Rotary Sander

For use with 17" rotary machines

The perfect tool for sanding hardwood floors. The Sand-Away sanding disk driver features a durable plastic block with the finest quality felt face and a molded plastic holding cup to securely hold sandpaper discs. For use only with 175 RPM rotary machines with a 1 HP or greater rating. Equipped with a 1-7/16" plastic riser with 5" center hole for use with a No. 364101B Universal Metal Clutch Plate, included with each Sand-Away.

Order Sand-Away 2" smaller than machine size.

WARNING: Do not use brushes, pads or tools with flammable materials as serious bodily injury could result.

CAUTION: Scrape-Away, Grind-Away, Sand-Away and the rotary pad drivers (shown on Page 27) are for use only with 175 rpm rotary machines with a 1 hp or greater rating. The use of a clutch plate is required for secure attachment to the machine. Each Scrape-Away, Grind-Away and Sand-Away comes with a No. 364101B Universal Metal Clutch Plate, while each rotary pad driver comes with a No. 364192P Universal Plastic Clutch Plate. Both clutch plates fit the majority of the rotary machines in the flooring industry. Depending on the rotary machine model, the purchase of a different clutch plate may be required. Visit our website for other available clutch plates.