No. TXH115

4.5" "DNA" Diamond Blade

For 3/4" (20 mm) thick porcelain paver and slab tile

This premium blade from Montolit with DNA (Diamonds Network Arrangement) Technology for cutting porcelain and natural stone. DNA Technology represents the most important innovation and genuine technological revolution in the field of diamond tools. The diamonds are precisely arranged in individual positions around the circumference of the blade (even the orientation of the diamond grains is controlled). The result is a blade that effortlessly cuts with minimal chipping on a wide range of materials with amazing speed and durability.

• The first blade on the market specifically designed to cut 3/4" (20 mm) thick porcelain pavers/tiles
• Engineered 'M' shape on the blade facilitates deep cutting
• Reinforced steel body helps blade maintain a straight cutting path
• Self cooling system keeps blade temperature low and vibration to a minimum
• For use with a standard angle grinder
• 13 mm rim height

Note: The Blade is designed for cutting porcelain pavers/slabs, granite and stone only.