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No. 455

Quick Curb™

Build better shower curbs much faster

The Quick Curb™ is a stay-in-place plastic form that makes it possible to build a 4' shower curb in less than 6 minutes. To install, simply set the Quick Curb in place, fill with mortar and you are ready for tile. Curbs have molded in dovetail connecting lugs for multiple length installations, and can be easily cut to the proper length with a hacksaw, snips or utility knife. The top radius and the legs of the Quick Curb can be snapped off to provide any of the configurations shown below. Each Quick Curb has two pan hangers to hold the liner in proper position. Quick Curbs minimize tile cutting, and also eliminate problems with lack of straightness and moisture associated with custom made wood curbs. Quick Curbs are 5" wide x 24" long x 6-1/4" high. Supplied with illustrated instructions. Not designed for use over wood curbs.