No. 476

Carpet Tractor

The Original and Best Carpet Seaming Rollers

These amazing tools can obscure carpet seams—even badly cut seams—with much less time and effort than any other method. The top performance of the Carpet Tractors results from their unique, patented three row offset roller action. The 1-1/4" diameter rollers are set in staggered 3" wide rows to provide a twirling action that blends the nap to effectively hide seams. For use with all types of seaming and bonding methods, Carpet Tractors are ideal for hot melt seaming work. They ensure a thorough bond of the adhesive with the carpet backing, resulting in a flat seam. Use of the tools causes seams to cool rapidly, eliminating discoloration problems caused by directly following a seam with a tool box tray. The benefits of the three row offset roller action makes these tools superior to single row rollers. Carpet Tractors cause hot yarns, which have suffered “memory loss” to simply blend together for attractive flat hidden seams. Unlike single row type rollers, the shape of the Carpet Tractors conforms comfortably to the hand for less fatigue. The flat top shape even allows for standing use to apply extra pressure. Another unique feature is their all metal construction which provides long life and also allows the tools to be heated with a torch, and then run over scrap carpet to clean. The body of the Carpet Tractors has a powder coat finish and all other parts are entirely zinc plated for rust prevention to allow use on wet cleaning jobs where seam shrinkage has occurred.

The original Carpet Tractor, can be used on all types of carpet, including hard to seam materials like tight weave short nap commercial carpet. Has star wheel rollers. Tool measures 3" wide x 6-1/2" long x 2-1/2" high. Weighs 2 lbs.