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No. 317-48-A

48" Adjustable Aluminum T-Square

This heavy duty T-square has an offset head that is adjustable from the end to the midpoint of the long leg, held in place by a large knob screw. The head is grooved so that the 90° angle is maintained at any point of the adjustment. The head can also be positioned (out of the 90° groove) to any angle including etched marks for 30°, 45°, 60° and 75° angles. The T-square can also be used without the head as a straight edge and folded into a straight position for easy storage. The head extends 4-1/2" on one side of the long leg and 12-1/2" on the other side and is 5/8" thick with a dual scale, one with 1/16" graduations and the other with 1/8" graduations. Each end of the head has a removable plastic end cap that is flanged to prevent flipping. The long leg is 2" wide x 48" long x 1/4" thick with the scale from the head end reading in 1/8" graduations and from the other end reading in 1/16" graduations. The T-square has a clear anodized finish.