No. 5CE

Glue 2™ Applicator System (Black Tip)

For use on carpet with attached cushion.

The Glue2™ Applicator System is designed to seal carpet edges in direct glue-down and double glue-down carpet seams. The Applicator Tip simultaneously applies pressurized glue to both edges of the carpet and the patented design prevents glue from rising into the pile. A Support Stand is supplied to assure proper glue placement and allow the use of both hands during edge sealing. The Glue 2™ Applicator System can be used with water soluble or solvent based glues as recommended by the carpet manufacturer. A break-away stainless steel Stopper Pin is molded into the Support Stand and can be stored in the C-shaped slot on the Tip. Supplied empty, the 12 oz. plastic squeeze Bottle has illustrated and printed usage instructions.

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