No. 636

Superspreader Frame

The Superspreader System spreads mortar and grout from a standing position in much less time

For mortar application: • Superspreader Frame width is adjustable from 24" to 40". • Up to 20 lineal feet (at a rate of 120 square feet per minute) of mortar can be troweled in less than 30 seconds. • Evenly distributes mortar in a straight combed direction. This allows uniform collapsing of mortar ridges, helping assure 100% coverage. • Uses two 24" Superspreader Trowel Blades mounted in the frame. Order blades separately.

For grout application: • Superspreader Frame width is set at 24". • Spreads grout at up to 60 square feet per minute. • Uses two Superspreader Grout Float Pads with one pad mounted in the middle spreader bar position for joint packing and the other pad mounted in the rear spreader bar position for cleaning excess grout from the tile. Order pads separately.

For both applications: • Spring loaded spreader bars assure trowel blades and grout float pads always contact the surface. • Reversible nylon skids prevent premature wear of frame angles while spreading mortar and prevent scratching tile while grouting. • Holds 50 pounds (dry weight) of mixed mortar or grout. • Lightweight, easily cleaned aluminum construction. • Shipped unassembled with complete instructions


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