No. 750-A

Electric Heat Gun

Provides flameless heat for hot cutting, bending and forming floor tile

  • Will not discolor or blister all kinds of floor covering or plastic laminate material.
  • Gives a full blast of heat immediately after the switch is turned on.
  • Eliminates fuel expense.
  • Gives flameless heat with no danger of damaging walls, doors and other surfaces and items.
  • Has a louvered intake cover that can be adjusted to vary the temperature and the air velocity. Temperature is variable from 500°F–750°F.
  • Long life, 3 position Hot, Off, Cold) rocker switch is standard. Allows blowing of room temperature air. Equipped with a self lubricated motor.
  • Equipped with a removable stand for stationary use. Stand does not interfere with portable use.
  • Draws 14 Amps on 115V and is equipped with a 6' 16/3 wire grounding type cord with a molded plug.
  • Housing and handle is made from sturdy yet lightweight magnesium die castings. The handle is covered by a tough, contoured rubber pistol grip. Weighs about 3 lbs.
  • U.L. Listed.

Note: Because they can be abused, heat elements are not guaranteed against breakage caused by either improper cooling or rough handling.

Helpful Hint: You can prolong the life of the heat elements in these guns by allowing the unit to operate on the COLD setting for a minute or two before turning it off. This gives the heat element a chance to cool slowly.