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No. 528-080P

80 Grit DC Sandpaper (16/pk)

This 4-1/2" round Sanding Pad has a rigid aluminum back with eight dust collection holes and a “hook” face to attach to the “loop” back of the Sandpaper. This Sanding Pad can be used with the No. 528-063 Dust-Free Sanding Kit (MultiMaster) or the No. 628-074 Dust-Free Sanding Kit (SuperCut) for virtually dust-free sanding. The oscillating movement of the MultiMaster and SuperCut Tools does not generate airborne dust and allows the user to work close to edges without any recoil effect. This Sanding Pad and Sandpaper offers double the removal rate compared to top-selling random orbit sanders when used with the MultiMaster. Performance is even greater when used with the SuperCut. The high quality resin bonded Sandpaper is designed for heavy duty performance. Packed 16 sheets per package, Sandpaper is available in a wide range of grits from coarse (40 grit) to fine (240 grit). Also available in an assorted pack containing 4 sheets each of 60, 80, 120 and 180 grits. Each kit includes 1 each Sanding Pad and 2 sheets each of 60, 80 and 180 grits Sandpaper. This Round Dust-Free Sanding Kit is only for use with FMM 250START, FMM250Q and FSC2.0Q (with No. 628-005 Adapter) Series Tools. It is recommended that only Fein Sandpaper be used with this Sanding Pad to avoid possible damage to the “hook” portion of the Sanding Pad.