Rolled Goods Manipulator (RGM)

The patented RGM-750, RGM-900 and RGM-1800 are forklift accessories capable of safely moving and lifting heavy rolled materials from a horizontal to vertical position and back again. Perfectly designed for commercial sheet vinyl, rubber, carpet and all manner of rolled materials.

The RGM-750/RGM-900 easily moves rolls up to 6’6” in length into a vertical position. Mounted on a single fork and rated for 750 and 900 pound rolls respectively, the RGM-750/RGM-900 allows safe and efficient warehouse operations.

The more robust RGM-1800 is a natural replacement for the traditional carpet pole. Sturdily supported by two forks, it’s a 2 in 1 device that can move 12’ carpet rolls in addition to standing other rolled goods in a vertical position. The best of both worlds!

Performance Warehouse Solutions, Inc and Beno J. Gundlach Company entered into a License Agreement in March of 2020. The RGM and accessories are now manufactured and marketed right here in Belleville, Illinois.

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