AFMM 18v 2.5 Ah Q-START Kit w/Case

This Cordless MultiMaster Tool can degrout tile without damage to adjacent tile, undercut door jambs and floor mouldings, replace a ceramic tile, scrape beneath toe space areas, or sand completely into a corner all by merely changing the accessory. The AFMM 350Q Cordless MultiMaster Tool also has these other features:

Starlock for quick accessory changes and superior performance.
Fast, secure and convenient tool change in less than 3 seconds.
100% power transfer due to the stainless steel 3D tool mount for fastest cutting speed.
Infinitely variable speed control between 10,000–19,500 oscillations per minute through a 3.4° total arc for greatest control and productivity.
Comfortable ‘Softgrip’ handle.
High-performance li-ion batteries with SafetyCell technology.
Capacity indicator display on battery.
Supplied with an illustrated instruction manual.
Three year (1 Year + 2 Years with Registration of the MultiMaster Tool) parts and labor warranty with online registration.

The AFMM-QSTART-CS includes the following:

Sanding, Pad:
No. SL-129-2 Plain Sanding Pad (1 each)

Sanding Paper, Plain (3 each Grit):
No. 528-081 60 Grit Sandpaper
No. 528-083 80 Grit Sandpaper
No. 528-085 120 Grit Sandpaper
No. 528-088 180 Grit Sandpaper

No. SL-106 3/4-Moon High Speed Steel Blade
No. SLP-152 1-3/4" W Bi-Metal Universal Blade
No. SLP-161 2-5/8" W Bi-Metal Long-Life Blade
No. SLP-234 2" W Rigid Scraper Blade

Battery and Charger:
No. FRB-171 AFMM / AFSC Replacement 18V 2.5AH Battery (2 each)
No. FBC-ALG50 12V - 18V Li-Ion Battery Charger

Plastic Carrying Case