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No. GC36

Calcium Blocker (Quart)

Multi-surface protectant helps reduce efflorescence and calcium buildup

No. GC36 Calcium Blocker is a water based formula that is designed to help prevent efflorescence, hard water spots and calcium deposits from forming and also make them easier to be cleaned away. Use full strength, spraying to apply. If necessary, can be brushed into hard to reach areas. A second coat is always recommended to ensure full coverage.

• Safe around pools — will not change pool’s pH level
• Keeps surfaces looking like new
• Environmentally safe
• Nonhazardous/nontoxic
• Low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)

75 square feet

Available Sizes:
No. GC36 Quart, sprayer
No. GC37 Gallon, sprayer


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