No. EC-330

Exakt Mini Saw Kit

This powerful saw is excellent for dust-free cutting of laminate and engineered hardwood flooring, quickly making cuts up to 14 mm (9/16") deep in a single pass. A variety of 54 mm (2-1/8") diameter blades are available to also cut cement backer board, aluminum, stainless steel and vinyl mouldings, and ceramic and porcelain tiles. The saw performs so well because the dust extraction vacuum feature also provides air cooling for the blade, improving blade/saw life and performance. The saw is easily used with either hand, and has an auto-release power switch and a fully enclosed retractable blade guard with a lock release lever for safety. To prevent overcutting, both sides of the blade guard base have indicator marks to show the start and end points of the cut, corresponding to the cutting depth setting. Blades are clamped in place by a special safety washer designed to slip if the blade jams. The saw has a 3/5 minute duty cycle with a thermal overload protection switch, a 6' 18/2 cord and is double insulated for safety. Guaranteed for two years.

Each Saw Kit includes the saw, one of Nos. 60-HSS, 18-TCT, and G-50 Blades, custom vacuum hose (1/2" x 80" with a molded fitting for tool attachment and a 1"–1-1/2" tapered adapter for vacuum attachment), a U-key and Torx key (for blade changing), an extra safety washer, clip-on V-guard (for cutting round items), storage case and an illustrated instruction manual.