No. 300-FL

FlashLine Cutting System

Designed for cutting Gauged Porcelain Tile

FlashLine is designed for cutting gauged porcelain panel tiles and slabs up to 1 cm (3/8") thick. It will score and cut tiles up to 340 cm (134") long. FlashLine uses 3 aluminum quick connect extensions as a cutting guide without time consuming suction cups. This is accomplished by utilizing a patented non-skid system on the underside of each extension allowing for the greatest precision when cutting. FlashLine has an integrated lubrication system for the titanium coated scoring wheel which is very important for larger tiles. The No. 240T Titanium Carbide Scoring Wheel is 7.5 mm in diameter which allows a perfect score on the tile surfaces (especially textured tiles) leading to a perfect cut. Very easy scoring wheel change without tools. The scoring head is large allowing for precise scoring of tiles. Once the tile is scored, the included cutting pliers easily breaks the tile...and because there are no suction cups to release, this is much faster. FlashLine is 100% Made in Italy and comes with a fabric carrying bag.

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