No. GC30

Carpet Spot Remover

The No. GC30 Carpet Spot Remover is a powerful carpet stain and spot remover that contains strong cleaners to remove all kinds of stains due to dirt, grease, oil, mud, ketchup, coffee, red chalk and more. The inverted, upside down spray valve allows for easy application. Leaves no residue and contains no solvents which can soften or damage carpet backings. Spray on to spot in short bursts until stain is well saturated, wait 15 seconds and blot dry using a white cloth. Wait until material is dry and repeat if necessary until stain is gone.


  • Cleans
  • Deodorizes
  • Solvent free
  • Residue free formula
  • Low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)

    We do not make air shipments of this DOT classified ‘Limited Quantity’ item.


    MSDS Sheet