No. 5HG2-KIT

Hot Glue 2® Seaming Kit

The Hot Glue 2® Seaming Kit applies hot melt glue simultaneously to both edges of a commercial carpet seam to both seal the cut edges and seam the carpet in a single pass over a 2" wide fiberglass mesh tape. The specially modified glue gun applies hot melt glue through the patented, die cast zinc applicator tip which prevents glue from rising above the base of the carpet pile. The applicator tip also applies glue to the carpet backing of both sides by directing glue to the underside to complete the seam. Not designed for use in residential (stretch-in) carpet installations or on commercial carpet with pile height exceeding 1/4".

The No. 5HG2-KIT Hot Glue 2® Seaming Kit includes:

  • Modified Glue Gun (180W)
  • Adapter Valve with Lock Nut (No. 3630)
  • Hot Glue 2® Applicator Tip
  • Support Stand for Glue Gun
  • 2 Pkgs Tape and Glue Sticks (No. G2C-100-WGS)
  • Tape Marking Guide (No. 5HG2-TMG)
  • Holding Tray and Plastic Storage Box
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