No. MP40320

Alpha Wet Marble Polishing Sandpaper & Backer Pad

These 4" diameter sandpaper discs can be used wet or dry in final blending and polishing of marble edges, contours and other irregular shapes like sink rims. The big advantages of wet use are the elimination of dust and longer paper life compared to dry use sandpaper. Longer paper life results as the paper does not load up with marble dust, and cooler paper temperatures prevent grit loss caused by adhesive failure. Discs are resuable and Velcro backed to peel on/off the backer pad.

For best polishing results, use grits sequentially, starting with the coarsest grit necessary to take out scratches in the shortest possible time.

Sold 50 discs per box.
Not for use on granite or above 4,000 RPM.