No. 575

Multi-Undercut Saw Kit

Light duty saw replaces the No. 545

This saw undercuts walls, door jambs, toe spaces and will also fully undercut inside corners up to 1/4" deep. The height of cut is easily adjustable from flush to 1" above the floor in 3/32" increments. The large flat base helps prevent tipping and assures accurate, level cutting. Has a dual angle depth gauge which allows undercutting at a ‘straight on’ or 45° angle. An adjustment scale provides precision depth control in 1/8" increments. Maximum depth of cut is 1-1/4". Saw has a 7' 18/2 cord and is double insulated for safety. Each Saw Kit includes a No. 556 Carbide Tipped Steel Blade, saw, plastic carrying case, hex wrench for blade removal and instructions. Guaranteed for six months, not including the motor or motor brushes.

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