No. 25-PMFL

PowerMaxx Furniture Lifter

The PowerMaxx Lifter allows tilting of heavy furniture with one hand from the standing position for placement of furniture slides, foam blocks or tabs under furniture. Supplied with a removable black plastic tip cover to help prevent damage while lifting wood furniture or other delicate items. With the tip cover removed, the beveled edge of the Lifter slides easily under furniture on carpet. It is always recommended that the black plastic tip be used when possible to reduce the risk of damage to the furniture. The Lifter has an adjustable fulcrum (pivot point) that allows greater lifting power with the fulcrum close to the tip and by moving the fulcrum back, allows for tilting of furniture with a frame off the floor. Made of powder coated steel, the PowerMaxx Lifter is 25" tall and weighs about 2 lbs. Lifting capacity is 300 lbs.