No. PTC-DC-12

1/2" PTC Diamond Crown

For large diameter holes (1/2" to 4-9/16")in porcelain, stone or ceramic tile

The PTC Large Diameter Diamond Crowns are for drilling holes for large fasteners and anchors, water pipes, shower heads and faucets, and waste and toilet drain pipes. Packaged in a clear plastic tube with instructions.

  • 1/4" continuous diamond crown matrix renews a new cutting surface with each cut for faster cuts and longer life.
  • Unique profile produces very accurate and neat holes.
  • Specially designed diamond crown construction reduces drag and allows for easy tile slug removal.
  • Life expectancy of the Diamond Crown is 1000+ holes in Porcelain tile with proper usage.
  • Holes can be drilled in as little as 1 minutes.
  • The PTC Large Diameter Diamond Crown must be used with a No. PTC-WFA-LDC Water Feed Arbor.
  • CAUTION: Must use a constant supply of pressurized water, 700-900 rpm drill speed and rotarty action only.
  • Maximum depth of cut: 3/4".

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