3/8" PTC Diamond Crown

For Small Diameter holes (3/16" - 3/8") in porcelain, stone or ceramic tile

For drilling screw anchor holes for shower doors, towel bars and other fixtures. The 1/4" PTC Diamond Crown can be used to drill a pilot hole for PTC Large Diameter Diamond Crowns. Each PTC Small Diameter Diamond Crown is sold with a masonry bit of the same size for drilling in the substrate behind an installed tile. Packaged in a clear plastic tube with instructions.
  • 1/4” continuous diamond crown matrix renews a new cutting surface with each cut for faster cuts and longer life.
  • Life expectancy of the Small Diameter Crown is 1000+ holes in Porcelain tile with proper usage.
  • Holes can be drilled in 20 seconds.
  • The PTC Small Diameter Diamond Crowns must be used with a No. PTC-WFA-SDC Water Feed Arbor for Small Crowns. The use of the No. PTC-SG Starting Guide (shown below) is strongly recommended.
  • CAUTION: Must use a constant supply of pressurized water, 700-900 rpm drill speed and rotary action only.
  • Maximum cutting depth is 1/2".