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No. RS-100

RetroShelf Tile Ready Kit

Incredibly Simple — Incredibly Strong

RetroShelf makes it easy to install a tiled shelf in a new or existing shower in minutes. The ready-for-tile shelf allows for any tile to be installed on it prior to mounting. Tiles can be applied to RetroShelf using thin set or silicone and grooves on the shelf help to increase the tile bond. Once the shelf is tiled, mounting takes about five minutes with no tools required and no penetration of the tile or waterproof membrane. RetroShelf holds over 100 lbs., and can be placed anywhere in the shower. Made of PVC, RetroShelf is strong and waterproof. Each Kit includes a RetroShelf, mounting board with 4 each sticky pads, 2 each mounting guide rails, adhesive, (Super Glue® Future Glue for mounting guide rails to tile surface and Super Glue® Silicone for mounting shelf over the guide rails), one each alcohol cleaning wipe and installation instructions.

Rectangular shaped RetroShelf is 14-5/8" wide x 7-3/16" deep x 1" thick and weighs 1 lb.

U.S. Patent Pending

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