No. SH-9-SP

Single Handle Hand Truck with Semi-Pneumatic Tires

Solve your larger material handling problems

  • Sturdy all steel welded construction for years of strenuous service. Reinforced frame resists bending from overloading.
  • Vertical center strap keeps smaller items from falling through the frame. An extra frame cross member is welded to the nose plate to add rigidity, a feature not found on many other brands.
  • The full sized frame on both models measures 14" wide x 48" high.
  • Nose plates are 9" deep—for wider and bulkier loads—and are 14" wide. The front corners are angled to prevent accidental snagging or gouging of other materials by a less than careful user.
  • Two types of wheels are available to suit your needs. Both have heavy gauge steel hubs and ball bearings. One wheel type has a semi-pneumatic tire, which is ideal for indoor use. A truck with this wheel has 400 lbs. load rating. The other wheel has a fully pneumatic air tire. This gives better performance over bumpy surfaces and for negotiating curbs and stairs. Also, it has a greater load capacity—600 lbs. per truck. Both wheels are a large 10" in diameter for free wheeling and stable operation.