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Squeeeeek No More Wood Floor Kit

Working from above the floor, this system is a quick and easy way to repair hardwood and softwood floors (1/4" to 3/4" thick) by permanently pulling down the flooring, eliminating the squeak. For wood over joists, the system uses a special, 3" long No. 8 Scored Screw with a dual pitch thread (each 1" long) that draws the wood together. For hardwood, the screw is designed to automatically break 1/5" below the floor, giving the appearance of a countersunk finish nail that is then filled with putty to complete the repair. For softwood (and some hardwood situations), the screw needs to be broken manually, using the screw head gripper portion of the Drill Guide. The Kit includes the Drill Guide, Driver Bit with Collar, 50 Scored Screws and illustrated instructions detailing both the hardwood and softwood repair procedures.

(For wood over a slab, use the No. SNM-2-KIT)

Replacement Screws only:
No. SNM-3-050 — 50 per box
No. SNM-3-250 — 250 per box
No. SNM-3-500 — 500 per box