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No. GH04

Stone Sealer

Hybrid Blend Technology Formula

The No. GH04 (Gallon, Sprayer) Stone Sealer is designed for immediate application and deep penetration on both polished and porous stone, tile, grout, masonry, and concrete. The Hybrid Blend Technology formula (water and solvent blend) offers the ease and safety of a water based sealer with the performance of a solvent based sealer. It provides the ultimate protection against both oil and water based stains while allowing the sealed surface to breathe.

• Can be applied immediately after installation
• Easy application with a sprayer, roller, brush or sponge
• Does not change surface appearance
• No hard-to-remove residue
• Low odor
• Nonflammable
• Provides UV protection
• Cures in 24 hours
• Use indoors or outdoors
• VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) compliant for sale in all 50 U.S.A. states

Expected Wear:
20 Years

Quart: 125–625 square feet
Gallon: 500–2,500 square feet
2-1/2 Gallon: 1,250–6,250 square feet

Available Sizes:
No. GH03 (quart, sprayer)
No. GH04 (gallon, sprayer)
No. GH05 (2-1/2, gallon)


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