No. 813

'Super Stretcher' Carpet Stretcher

The 17" wide Stretcher Head has 30 replaceable Pin Blocks that nest together with each Pin Block having five molded-in zinc plated steel pins to securely grab all types and weights of carpet. The Stretcher Head pivots 30° in both directions, and the self-locking stretcher has a range of 6" with a top mounted scale to indicate the amount of stretch. Stretching is achieved by turning the Hand Crank, with one turn being a 1/8" advance. With the Hand Crank removed, the exposed 3/8" hexagonal drive permits the use of a drill (pistol grip, right angle, or also an impact tool) for quicker advance. With an 8" wide Stretcher Head attached, the stretcher can be used to stretch stair treads. Both the front Lifting Handle and the rear Lifting Knob are removable. The stretcher has a replaceable Tubing Connector for stretcher tubes. The stretcher has 2-1/4" welded steel tubing construction, is capable of 3,500 lbs. force and is black powder coated and plated. Includes two snap-on 8" Pin Covers and removable steel brackets with a 3/4" x 30" nylon strap with a snap buckle to hold a user supplied drill. With the Stretcher Head removed, both parts fit in our No. 158 Tool Box, or the No. 1939 Tool Bag. In the closed position, measures 23-1/2" long overall for use in 36" wide hallways. Weighs 21-1/4 lbs.