No. T-6004

TAVY Tile Puck Leveling Tool

NEW! A combination tile level and lippage detector

U.S. Patent Pending

The TAVY Tile Puck is a level and lippage detector for tile, marble and slabs. To check for level, place the TAVY Tile Puck on any surface to get an instant level reading in all directions. To check for lippage, slide the TAVY Tile Puck back and forth from tile to tile or slab to slab and listen for clicking to detect lippage. Can also be used for leveling shower seats, shelves, curbs, countertops and appliances. The TAVY Tile Puck is made from non-marring polyethylene plastic and has a level vial. Size is 5" diameter x 1" thick. Weighs 10 oz. Great for tile - bad for hockey!