No. TFL-50

Dry Teflon Lubricant

Economically Priced!

Used to lubricate plastic laminate to prevent burning and marking by trim router bit pilot guides. Can also be used wherever a dry lubricant or rust preventive sealant is needed. For clean, nonstaining use, the only solid material in TFL-50® is Teflon®.

Unlike silicone lubricants, this clean, nonstaining Teflon® based product dries on contact to act as both a lubricant and a release agent. Can be used on stretcher tubing or applied to the soleplate of a cool, clean hot melt iron to make cleanup easier. Can also be used on trowels, grouting floats, bucket dollies and ceramic tile cutter rails for eaiser cleanup.

Packaged in 10 oz. net weight aerosol cans. Environmentally safe propellant. DOT regulations prohibit air shipment of this ORM-D Class item. Ground parcel shipments to Canada are also prohibited.