No. 9-20-28-HEPASET

Turbo 2 Auto Start Standard Vacuum w/HEPA Filter and DW1 Floor Set

8.4 Gal Dry Capacity and 6.9 Gal Wet Capacity

Same vacuum as the No. 9-20-28-SET Turbo II Auto Start Standard Vacuum w/DW1 Floor Set but includes a dust bag and a flat fold 0.3 micron filter designed to meet the industry standard for collecting 99.97% of particulate 0.3 microns or larger. Use of a hepa vacuum not only gives the best performance for ordinary dust collection, but is also necessary for compliance with the EPA RRP (Renovation, Repair and Painting) rule for work procedures when disturbing areas with lead-based paint.

All FEIN Turbo Series Vacuums have these features:

• Automatic tool on/off start feature turns the vacuum on/off when a connected power tool is switched on/off. In ‘Auto Start’ mode, the vacuum continues to run for 15 seconds to clear the hose after tool is turned off. Also has a ‘Manual’ operation mode.

• Two-stage bypass motor has a sealed fan for dust and debris suction, and a second fan to blow cooling air across the motor.

• Powerful 1100w motor gives a 98.4" static water lift rating, an air flow of 151 cfm and a 66 decibel sound level rating.

• Soft start motor helps prevent tripping circuit breakers.

• Flat top with a retention lip and a flush folding carrying handle.

• Two rear hooks for hose and cord storage, and two rear snap-on holding brackets for accessory storage.

• Crushproof 1-3/8" x 13' long hose has a swivel fitting at each end. The hose fitting turns to lock into the vacuum.

• Suction control tool adapter with a regulating vent to control the amount of suction, especially useful when sanding. The tool adapter also has internal annular rings for attachment to both the FEIN MultiMaster and SuperCut Dust-Free Sanding Kits.

• Flat pleated cartridge filter with a protective holder that allows the filter to be cleaned by tapping out accumulated dust.

• Four swivel casters with 2-1/2" diameter dual wheels for easy mobility and maximum stability. One caster is lockable to prevent vacuum movement.

• Sensors for automatic vacuum shutoff when maximum capacity is reached while wet vacuuming electrically conductive liquids. • Operate on 120v, 15 amp (9 amps for the Vacuum and 6 amps for the ‘Auto Start’ outlet) power through a 16' 14/3 grounded cord. C-CSA-US Listed.

• Compact size, with approximate dimensions of 17-1/4" long x 15" wide x 18-1/2" high (Turbo 1 Series) or 22-1/2" high (Turbo 2 Series).

• Includes the 1-3/8" x 13' hose, tool adapter with suction control, two snap-on accessory holding brackets, four casters, cartridge filter, fleece filter bag (1 each only) and an illustrated instruction manual.

• Three year parts and labor warranty with online registration.

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