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9/32" PTB Carbide Bit

No. PTB-932

For drilling screw anchor holes for shower doors, towel bars and other fixtures.

  • Special carbide tip ensures accurate holes and eliminates drill bit wander.
  • Life expectancy of the PTB Carbide Bit in Porcelain tile is 20-30 holes with proper usage. When product life is exhausted in porcelain, the PTB Carbide Bit can be used in softer grade materials.
  • The No. PTC-WFC Water Feed Clamp Kit provides the necessary supply of pressurized water for bit cooling.
  • Holes can be drilled in as little as 20 seconds.
  • The PTB Carbide Bit is designed for use in tile only . If drilling in installed tiles, use the correct size masonry bit for drilling the substrate behind the tile.
  • Maximum depth of cut is 1/2".
  • CAUTION: Must use a constant supply of pressurized water, 1/2" Drill using 700-900 rpm drill speed and rotary action only.

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